SCIENCE & BIOTECHOLOGIES; Key trends and future innovations


Key trends and future innovations



Let’s Rethink Tomorrow

Together with you, MAXFORT helps to save the planet’s resources and make life better

The confluence of progress and innovation in the life sciences and technology offers significant potential in overcoming the world’s greatest challenges, encompassing areas such as healthcare and climate change.

We have already witnessed the remarkable impact of biological innovation, coupled with robust computing power and artificial intelligence, in delivering a highly effective COVID-19 vaccine at an unprecedented pace. It is beyond doubt that biotechnology plays a pivotal role in promoting health and combating climate change.

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  • Thalasso

    All our products are based on a multifunctional thalassotherapy complex, which comprises unique ingredients sourced from the depths of seas and oceans.

  • Formula

    MAXFORT cosmetics and household chemicals have been meticulously developed to prioritize human health and environmental well-being.

  • hair

    In collaboration with the biotechnological laboratory LEPUTRUE, MAXFORT has created the Eli’Marine hair restoration system.

Biorevolution is here

The biorevolution is not only biology

The bio revolution goes beyond biology alone; it represents the fusion of biology with other disciplines, particularly computing, artificial intelligence, and data analysis. MAXFORT leverages biotechnological innovation, market trends, and consumer preferences to bring high-quality beauty products to the masses.

A confluence of progress and innovation in the life sciences and technology, this movement has the potential to help the world overcome its biggest challenges, from health care to climate change. We have already seen how biological innovation, combined with powerful computing power and artificial intelligence, is delivering an effective COVID-19 vaccine at unprecedented speed. There is no doubt that biotechnology is one of the key factors not only in promoting health, but also in combating climate change.


international company MAXFORT comprises:

MAXFORT, an international company, unites technological trends, pharmaceutical achievements, and global cosmetology expertise. Our international professional association includes laboratories and experts from Spain, Belgium, Germany, and the USA. We draw upon the experience of world-renowned professionals in the fields of chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals, andcosmetology to develop unique and effective products. All the professionals we collaborate with share our commitment to preserving natural resources and promoting ecological sustainability.

  • find tool

    In-depth studies of Russian consumers' needs and the challenges hindering their satisfaction

  • global

    International expeditions focused on discovering natural active ingredients and their compositions

  • bio

    Biotechnological research conducted by scientists from various countries

  • formul

    Development of potent, effective, and safe formulas in international laboratories

  • instrument

    Production of cosmetics at both Russian and foreign manufacturing sites under the supervision of international experts

In the process of generating ideas for new product development, we employ functional analysis methods, creative techniques, and various socio-psychological approaches to identify innovative concepts. Our primary objectives are to merge cosmetic market trends with cutting-edge technologies and present ideas in a buyer-friendly format at an affordable price.These tasks are entrusted to the MAXFORT International Council.


At MAXFORT, we prioritize rigorous quality control at multiple stages of our production process for both raw materials and finished products. Our comprehensive quality control procedures include

  • 1.

    Laboratory Testing

    Our products undergo in vitro and ex vivo testing in state-of-the-art laboratories. This allows us to assess their efficacy and safety under controlled conditions

  • 2.

    Blind Consumer Testing

    To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we conduct blind consumer testing by comparing our products with random samples. This valuable feedback helps us refine our formulations and meet the preferences of our target audience.

  • 3.


    All products are certified and manufactured in accordance with global quality standards GLP, GCP, GMP and ISO 9001


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